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    • Community members have a profile on our Members page. Members show an interest in Open Scholarship principles (but you do not need to commit openly to adhering to all principles!).
    • OSCG Members are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct.
    • We are a Community of Open enthusiasts in the West of Ireland. You don’t need to live in Galway but you should have a connection to this part of Ireland.
    • We welcome staff, students and HE employees like support staff and librarians.
    • Adhering to Open principles increases the robustness of your research and improves replicability and credibility of your research.
    • Your thesis or dissertation might be your “legacy” to science. Why not make the most of it and publish the underlying data or code?
    • Increasingly, employers will see and value the skills needed to research and publish openly.
    • The OSCG is fun and you will meet friendly and interesting people!

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