OS Café: Open Innovation

Open Scholarship Café: Open Innovation

What is Open Innovation?

For many the concept of Open Innovation might not be familiar yet. In this Open Scholarship Cafe Dr Lorraine Morgan gave us an introduction to Open Innovation and related concepts.

Openness (e.g. Open Innovation, Open Education, Open Strategy) is an important and powerful concept, especially in combination with Information Technology. Key ‘‘Open’’ aspects – such as resource access and process participation – can be increased or enacted in entirely new ways through IT.

Lorraine gave examples how openness has permeated society. Someone may well read this (open access) editorial on an Android (open source) tablet while looking up entries on Wikipedia (open content) while sitting in a shared ride (sharing economy). Hence, the importance of Openness cannot be overstated.

Openness in a commercial world

There was some discussion around how Openness can work with for-profit organisations and Lorraine provided some examples where big companies actively use Open Innovation ideas to help their business. One prominent example is Procter & Gamble where the company used techniques like crowd-sourcing.

However, Lorraine also mentioned that Openness can have a “dark side” when for example companies exploit the good will and good faith of Open projects. Not much research has been done into the dark side but is needed to get a better understanding of the pitfalls of Openness.

Watch the Open Scholarship Cafe

You can watch Lorraine’s talk at NUI Galway’s Open Scholarship Channel.

Watch Lorraine’s talk here

You can also download the slides at Zenodo.

About Lorraine:

Lorraine is an expert on Open Innovation and her research to date as focused on Open Source Software as open innovation, crowdsourcing and open business models. Lorraine’s research has been published in leading journals (including the European Journal of Information Systems, Database for Advances in Information Systems and Information and Software Technology).

She has also edited special issues in the area – the Journal of the Association of Information Systems and Journal of Information Technology

She was instrumental in bringing the OpenSym conference previously to Galway and continues plays an leading role in supporting the conference every year.  

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