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Register: Being Open on social media 27 July 2022

This in person Open Scholarship Café will ask how we can use social media to increase the reach of my research? We will start the session with vegetarian pizza!

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Open Scholarship Cafés

We will host a mix of online and in-person events

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You can suggest a topic for one of the next OS Cafés yourself!

What are Open Scholarship Cafés?

In these times of working from home as much as possible, OSCG is hosting online meet-up for OSCG members and others interested in Open Scholarship: OSCG Cafés. These meet-ups are geared to get to know and learn from each other. We are looking to attract a wide audience for the OSCG Cafés, in particular those who are relatively new to Open Scholarship. So please spread the word and don’t hesitate to bring a friend!

Follow the link and tell us what we should cover next in an Open Scholarship Café.