Our story

Who are we?

OSCG started as an initiative by researchers, librarians and others at the University of Galway. The Library at the University Galway is a strong supporter and partner of the OSCG.

Since our early days in autumn 2019 we have welcomed members from the Atlantic Technological University, the Marine Institute, and we are collaborating with initiatives like Pint of Science to raise the awareness of Open practices.

OSCG Meeting 2

What do we do?

We are a network that connects Open enthusiasts in the West of Ireland and raises the visibility of our activities and members. 

Why don’t you come to one of our events and meet us? Everyone welcome. Or you can read our blog posts.

What is Open Scholarship?

Open Scholarship is an umbrella term for an approach that aims to make research and education accessible, reproducible, and freely available to people within and outside of academia.


We are open to Open enthusiasts from the West of Ireland. You can be a researcher, support staff, PhD student, librarian or working in a company as long as you support Open practices.

Of course you can! Events are open to everyone. As our OSCG develops there might be decisions that are made by Members only.

We also hope that Members will help us advertise events and become involved in running sessions or helping in other ways as well.

We are much looking at the model developed by Dutch Open Science Communities, in particular the Open Science Community Utrecht, who have also published a useful step-by-step guide to develop your own OSC.