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OSCG – What’s happening in 2020?

NUI Galway’s Open Scholarship Librarian Hardy Schwamm looking forward to OSCG’s activities in 2020.

What is the OSCG about?

Before we think about what our Community should do in 2020 we need to reflect on our principles and values:

  • We are a grassroots, researcher-led community that wants to promote Open practices in Galway
  • We are inclusive of disciplines and perspectives
  • We want to collaborate with like-minded initiatives and people

What are our priorities?

Ahead of our last meeting I conducted a small survey among OSCG members. Here are the priorities with the top priority first:

  • Engaging with the public (Citizen Science)
  • Open Research Infrastructure
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Open Publishing
  • FAIR Data
  • Rewarding & Incentivising Open Practices
  • Responsible Use of Metrics

So what next?

Until summer we have a number of activities planned that will address some of our priorities above:

Want to join the fun?

If you want to get involved, either as a member or contributing to a session please get in touch. Email oscgalway@gmail.com or find us on Twitter @oscgalway.